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Thank you for your interest in Next Stop Home


We founded Next Stop Home Chicago in January 2018 to draw attention to and provide support for those "other" dogs who are often overlooked by an overcrowded and under-resourced rescue system. With a focus on medium- to large-sized dogs in Chicago's open-access shelters, we're creating opportunities for dogs with behavioral or medical needs, or those that have simply been in the shelter for too long.


​Next Stop Home Chicago co-founders each have over a decade of experience volunteering with Chicago-area animal welfare organizations. Over the years, one thing has become clear: certain dogs have a better chance of making it out of open-access shelters than others based on a number of factors.

Next Stop Home is a 501(c)(3) with the state of Illinois - 82-4426011

what we do

We provide many services for animals shelters and other welfare organizations, including...

  • Transport to rescues and limited-intake shelters throughout the United States

  • Foster coordination for dogs needing more intensive or individualized care

  • Training assistance for fosters and adopters

  • Financial support to offset high vet bills

  • Enrichment and awareness-raising for dogs that have been in a shelter long-term

  • Individual assessments so overlooked shelter dogs can show their true self in a safe, stable home environment

Animal welfare organizations are often limited in their ability to help based on their available resources. Next Stop Home exists to fill the resource gap for rescues and limited-intake shelters so that even our City's neediest dogs have a chance at the good life. We are giving dogs that may need more intensive attention the chance to share their best selves so that they can enjoy the basic needs every companion animal deserves: reliable food and water, safe shelter and, perhaps most importantly, a loving family.


By providing financial, foster, transport, and other supports, NSH is putting in place the resources to help dogs with greater needs find their forever home.

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